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Police accounability to the public

This blog post is inspired by a post on face-book written by Dawne Sheldrick-Keatin, thank you Dawne.
The post I read pointed out the number of killings over the last 15 years by our police farce.

Under no circumstances do I support the use of firearms against the public who are not themselves armed, regardless as to how dangerous the police think those sought are. 
Unless a shot is fired by a suspect or member of the public using a weapon of such a calibre that could kill or has killed previously, by the SUSPECT or MEMBER of the PUBLIC.

Let me make things clear, I have been in the situation where lethal force would have been acceptable, be clear, although lethal force has been used in situation(s) where I have been involved it was used only after much debate and tactical advice. This was, after all, whilst in the parachute regiment and in N. Ireland.  Am I proud of this fact, no, and please recognise I have never personally shot anyone.
These were situations far worse than that of the police today in this country, even counting our current climate and the (perceived) threat of terrorism.

So, what of the police today, and the current arming of what I can only describe as - 'keystone cops - with weapons.'
I do know the fear of going out on the streets, that I could be shot at any moment, however even given the fact we were on 'active service' there were then, as there are now rules of engagement.
(The famous YELLOW CARD)

Additional rules were made for other munitions,namely baton rounds of the PVC type (rubber bullets)

I believe one can 'embigen' these pictures, so if you would like to have a read go ahead. The purpose of the above pictures is to highlight my point only. WE had to memorise and rigidly stick to these rules. There were NEVER any exceptions.

These rules have been around for many, many years and are WELL KNOWN. This should NOT come as a surprise to anyone (Ignorance is NO defence).

Police officers have shot dead 41 men and one woman in the past 15 years
Mark Duggan 
Jean Charles de Menezes
Mark Saunders
Azelle Rodney
Here are FOUR and I would bet that you only knew 3, if you know more you are keeping an eye on the police and I and the families thank you.

41 MURDERED, with the possible exception, of one, however I hasten to add, this is 41 killed by shooting  there are countless others who have been murdered whilst in custody who were not shot and it is ALL these others I now include.
All those deaths, what are we going to do about it? What have we done?

Do not think for one moment that you are not involved, any one of the next ones could be YOU, your daughter, son, mother, father,  grand child, grand mother or your grand father. 
Are there going to be more? 
I am willing to gamble, as many did years ago when there were only 10 shot 'DEAD' by the police. The families of the NOW dead did not think for one moment that their sons or fathers would be dead now, especially SHOT by the BRITISH POLICE FARCE.

So THINK AGAIN it could be YOU next!

The IPCC are BENT (Crooked, Criminal, dishonest) and have been for years nay decades, so we can be assured of one thing, not one of these deaths have been independently (Publicly-regulated) investigated and of course we will not have seen much in the way of a sentence maybe not even in the way of prosecution.

As a case in point the names I have higlighted above are ONLY known about because of the controversies surrounding their deaths and only then were the details and, supposed investigation, or lack thereof exposed.

Every single death committed by a policeman whether dead or alive should be RE-INVESTIGATED.

This should ONLY be completed under the gaze of the PUBLIC - A designated section of the community in every Town, City and Village should be elected  to and dedicated to the service of investigating of all past present and future deaths due to police action. Not one should ever again be investigated by EXPERTS, SCIENTISTS, LAWYERS, JUDGES, POLICE, DOCTORS or anyone connected with the victim - no matter how tentative and those designated should only have a limited service life on the investigation board.

During any investigation if a professional is required, whomever is nominated will call upon whomever they feel the need of from a list of none accountable / independent experts. NONE of whom can or should be in any way related or involved with any politician, judge, police or lawyer; The finer point would need to be clarified and for what reason. Just to add for completeness, there should never be any evidence given that is anonymous.

A death whilst in the SAFE keeping of the police should be served with a LIFE sentence without the possibility of parole. 
Covering up ANY detail that obstructs the JURY (investigation team) should be served with a minimum sentence of TEN years without the possibility of parole. 

REMEMBER 'Ignorance is NO defence'. We have had it RAMMED down our throats for so long we can now state categorically 'WE GET IT!' and now as I propose SO will the POLICE.

All other LAWS regarding murder should remain the same and YES this IS singling out the Police, it is right that it should and it is right that they should know it. The reasons are obvious to those who have a brain to think for themselves.

The above pictures regarding the RULES of ENGAGEMENT should be enforced NOW on ALL who own a weapon, regardless of whether they are Military, Police or Civilian. They protect the individual and the potential suspect or aggressor. They were good for us whilst on active service so they should be good for those patrolling our streets - if they are NOT I recommend ALL ex squadies begin a class action suit against the government.

All constables who are to carry firearms should be IQ tested and those below 100, that is, those in the lower two thirds should never be allowed near a weapon. For those who question this I am referring only to the police, the military are different and should not be tested, unless requested by the individual.

All the secret service, regardless of function, excluding cleaners and such ancillary staff attached to but not operational should also be tested.
No politician could ever be tested, it would be pointless, we already know the results just from our current prime minister. But on a more serious note politicians should be from the PEOPLE, people from all walks of life and as such an IQ test would unfairly disadvantage many good leaders and thinkers.

Last but not least by any stretch of the imagination should be the INQUEST.
Only under extreme circumstances should an inquest or even the investigation take more than one year and ALL details should be IN THE PUBLIC, NEVER should there ever be supposition, that is to say there should never be any thing studied that is not backed by fact, The court ruling inquest should never be convened until after a complete evidential investigation.

It is time we the people started to take control of this alarming trend, the time to sit back has passed, we can no longer trust those we put into power and we can no longer trust the police to investigate themselves and that includes the so called 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission.
The so called ruling class has let Britain down and badly, they are no longer competent to hold such positions without oversight, as uneducated as the masses might be what we will have is preferential to what we have been given now which brings me to another subject for another day THE EDUCATION SYSTEM.

I trust you have enjoyed this article and yes we have some work ahead of us and it is WE THE PEOPLE that are going have to do it. Long gone are the days when we could trust those we elected to do our bidding we have to scratch the lot and start again - the playing field today is more like a mass of craters and mounds, it needs leveling.

Namaste, rev phil;

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Michael Doherty said...

Nice article and some very valid propositions for the way forward.

I particularly like the citizen panel reviewing police actions to ensure accountability. Rather than a government body, populated by ex police officers called the iPCC.

It is akin to the GRAND JURY.... this coupled with Private criminal prosecutions is a very keen solution left by our forefathers for times like this.....